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Alagasco rebates from $200 - $800 when you install a Rinnai tankless water heater.

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    Tankless water heaters are the “hot” topic in plumbing. In plumbing we don’t often see new fixtures and technology. Tankless is here to stay. Think of a shower that last’s as long as you wish. No worry over how many family members need to take a shower before work or school. That huge bathtub you have in your master bath but can never get filled with hot water before that tank runs out, those days are gone.

        Let me clear one point that often confuses homeowners. Instant hot water and continuous hot water ( on demand ) are not the same thing. Tankless water heaters are “on demand” and continuous, but the length of time to get hot water from a fixture is very similar to the time it takes with your current tank water heater. Instant hot water means that you have a hot water recirculation pump that keeps hot water instantly available at your fixtures. No waiting for the water to run hot. This is a great option when your water heater is located far away from fixtures and wait time for hot water is long, not to mention wasteful.

 If you have had an estimate from another dealer, you should contact me. You will be surprised at the difference. Our experience means savings for you!

     When pricing the purchase and installation of a unit remember that rebates are available from your gas service provider ranging from $200 - $800. See what you qualify for at:

See Rinnai tankless water heaters at:

Tankless Water Heater Pro's vs. Con's

Pros for Tankless:
Saves energy. The unit only operates when there is a demand for hot water, which can reduce its energy cost by about 40% - 50% annually.

Highly efficient. The most efficient storage tank has an energy factor of about .58, but, according to Energy Star, some tankless units have energy factors as high as .98. Again cutting that gas energy cost.

Reliable. If a unit is sized properly, a gas tankless heater can deliver a continuous supply of water at a preset temperature (plus or minus one degree) at a rate of typically 2 gallons to 8 gallons per minute. The units never run out of hot water.

Compact size. The typical tankless heater is about the size of a small suitcase, which takes up significantly less space than a conventional tank giving it many location options, often freeing up much needed floor space.

Durable. It has a life expectancy of 20 - 25 years, outlasting 2 - 3 tanks. Versatile. The unit is easy to zone and it can go almost anywhere in the house. It also can be installed outside on a wall.

Cons for Tankless:
Tankless units cost about twice as much as traditional storage tanks.
Installation is more expensive. In addition to the product cost, is the installation for the unit and the necessary piping.

Conventional Water Heater Tanks Pro's vs. Con's

Pro's for Conventional
Proven technology that builders and home owners know and trust. The straightforward system has been around for years and works well.
Lower product cost and lower installation cost. A basic 40-gallon electric tank can be purchased for less than $500 plus installation.

Con's for Conventional
Conventional tanks are always on. Not efficient at all. A storage tank cycles on a regular basis to heat and reheat water at a preset temperature, using energy to heat the water whether a homeowner needs it or not.
Big and bulky. Most storage tanks take up precious real estate in a mechanical or laundry room, especially in smaller homes such as apartments, condos, or townhouses.

May be inadequate. Depending on the capacity and household hot water needs, a conventional storage tank is often unable to meet demand. “If not sized correctly for peak demand, tank water heaters will run out of hot water. In addition, only about 70% of the hot water in a typical storage tank is available for use.

Less versatile installation. The unit needs a fairly large space for installation and cannot be located outside the home.
Less durable. The life expectancy of a conventional hot water tank is about 10 to 12 years.
Gas powered tankless water heaters qualify for:

Alagasco rebates $200 rebate to replace existing gas tank style water heater with a new gas tankless style water heater. Up to $800 rebate to replace your electric water heater with gas. Find out at :

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